Do Carbohydrates Have Control Over Body Fat?

Over the last decade there has actually been a surge in the appeal of low-carbohydrate diet regimens and that turned into one of the most preferred diet regimens of the previous five years.

The boost in appeal resulted from the concept that carbs actually regulate body fat, meaning that the more carbs you take in, would lead to more fat being generated by your body.

While this is the most popular belief by most popular media channels an diet books; what exactly does the science tell us about carbohydrate and body fat?

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It is easy to figure out the effect carbohydrate has on our body when it comes to body fat by asking and answering a few very important nutritional questions which we are going to dive into.


This has been examined fairly thoroughly, and also the outcomes do not appear to sustain the idea that carbohydrates in itself control body fat. In a study of 4,500 individuals, there was a reduced danger of being overweight or obese if you consumed a moderate to high carb diet regimen when compared to a low or reduced carbohydrate diet regimen.

Another research study found that there a real association between Body Mass Index (BMI) and the daily carbohydrate consumption, assuming that if carbs had control over body fat, it would certainly be a reasonably minor significance.

When we take a look at individuals’s eating practices and also whether or not they are associated with with body fat, it is hard to make the claim that carbohydrate consumption has control over body fat. Nonetheless, this is just one inquiry to investigate; there are more things that we need some convincing answers as well.


If carbs did certainly have control over your body fat, then we would certainly anticipate that low-carb diet plans are much less “fattening” than the high carb diets.

This suggests that reduced carbohydrate diets must add much less body fat to individuals than a higher carbohydrate diet would do.The question we should ask ourselves is that, is carbohydrates much more fattening than dietary fat?

It is know that over the last decades a lot of nutritional commentaries have been indicating that overeating of carbohydrates does certainly lean to the storing of calories as body fat. Up to a point, this might be true in the most basic sense because the consumption of too much calories would result in the storage of some that excess.

In one research study where some individuals were overfed with fats and carbohydrates, fats has a 20% storage efficiency compared to carbohydrates. Meanwhile in a different study that was carried out, the subjects were over fed wit carbohydrates, but that resulted to a very minimal conversion rate of carbohydrates to stored body fat. This proved that there is great inefficiency in converting carbohydrates into fat.

In one study where people were overfed carbs and fats, fats were stored 20% more efficiently than carbohydrates. In another research study where people were overfed carbs, there was a very marginal conversion of carbs to kept body fat, indicating that it is very ineffective to turn carbohydrates right into fat.

Science therefore has given us the clue that carbohydrates are not in any any shape or form more fattening that fats. In fact it is very advantageous to eat more carbohydrates that to eat more fats, although is is recommended to keep both of them to minimum consumption This is what is seen when you follow individuals that over-consume carbohydrates as opposed to consuming fats – they have a tendency to get a little less body fat.


The next important and burning question that needs to be answered is to know whether low carbohydrates diets are better when it comes to weight loss as opposed to high carb diets. Thankfully, this subject has extensively been studied over several decades.

Firstly, when you have people in a tightly controlled setting, and take a measurement of their entire metabolism, you will discover that there is no advantage for them when subjected to low carb diets when it comes to weight loss.

Again, when you try and adopt a low-carb diet regimen in the real world situation and also over very extended periods, we still experience comparable results. Most clinical trials that have checked out whether low-carb diet regimens are far better than other diet regimens when it come to weight loss, the studies reveal that low-carb diet plans provide the same results as it gives the same amount of weight loss as other diets.


Although the concept that carbohydrates control body fat has actually been popular in the media, there is little clinical proof in its favor. Unless you have a very high levels of carb consumption, there is no tangible link between body fat and carbohydrates.

Furthermore, when you perform cautious scientific experiments, it ends up that carbohydrates are much less fattening than dietary fat. When applied in the real-world, low-carb diets can be helpful for fat loss, but they are not considered to be any much more efficient than various forms of other calorie type diets.

Updated: April 27, 2020 — 4:42 am