10 Home Remedies To Lose Weight Without Doing Exercise

Are you having weight and need to lose it very fast but you do not have the desire or even the time to exercise and experdite your weight loss? I just want to assure you that you can still lose weight without doing exercise.

The video above   will give you some 10  tips on how to do so.

Forget the low calorie, low carb, and other old fashioned diet plans you’ve heard about in the past. They all have a big error which makes them not suitable for losing weight fat.

They don’t keep your metabolism boosted. You need to get your metabolism as fast as possible so you can lose weight without exercise. This is absolutely vital to your success.

How do you get your metabolism boosted? You have to choose the right fat burning diet. You need to choose a diet which forces your body to turn off it’s “fat storing gene” by making you focus on the foods that you need to be eating (the “green light” foods that you can eat until you are satisfied.) A successful diet for fast weight loss needs to be focused on what you can eat instead of how little you should be eating!

Another key factor of the diet that you will be choosing is that it absolutely must include a “day off” as a built in part of the diet. What is a “day off”? It’s just like what it sounds like. A “day off” from your dieting. A day when you can literally eat anything you want. Yes, you can really eat ice cream and pizza all day. That’s great! Why is this essential? Because the “calorie spike” of this day off keeps your metabolism boosted and you’ve already read about how important that is for your fat loss.

But you can’t just take your “day off” willy nilly on your own whims. That is a disaster waiting to happen. You need to choose a diet that has a “day off” built into it’s plan so that you eat the right foods on the other days of the week to make the calorie spike work as intended.

Updated: April 6, 2019 — 6:13 am